The objectives of our Qur’aan learning programme is for students to be able to:

  1. Join and read Qur’anic words and sentences by themselves using the Read and Rise qaa’idah.
  2. Read the Qur’aan correctly and fluently by themselves while looking in the mus’haf.
  3. Learn to read short soorahs of the Qur’aan correctly by heart.

Read and Rise with Kiitab

Once the above goals are achieved, only then can students advance to memorizing longer soorahs.

To learn more about our Arabic/Qaa’idah/Qur’aan-learning textbooks and resources, please visit the following links:

Read and Rise “qaa’idah” book only

Read and Rise with KiiTab (electronic “pen” reader/teacher)


For learning short soorahs of the Qur’aan, we use Juz Amma books with KiiTab:

Juz Amma with Kiitab

Note: The masjid usually purchases the above items in bulk in order to make them more affordable for our students and families. Please contact Shaykh Rasheed to purchase them at a discounted price. This offer is for our madrasah students only. For other families, you can search for “Read and Rise” NZ to find it NZ-based Islamic bookstores.


We recommend the web app which should work on all major platforms.

If you need an offline app, you can use Quran Companion which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

For learning to read correctly with proper tajweed, the following reciters are best: Mishari al-Afasi, Ayman Sowaid, Ibrahim al-Akhdar, al-Huthaify, Muhammad Ayoub, Abdullah Basfar, al-Husari and al-Menshawy. If your preferred reciter’s recording is from the taraaweeh, be sure slow down the recitation to 0.75 playback speed!

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